Silver/Copper/Tungsten Electrical Contacts – Circuit Breaker Contacts

Arcing contacts in breakers are designed to handle the electrical arcs that occur during the switching operation of the breaker. When a circuit breaker interrupts a current flow, an arc is formed between the contacts. This arc can cause significant damage to the contacts and hinder the proper functioning of the breaker.

To mitigate the effects of arcing, breakers are equipped with contact materials to handle and extinguish the arc efficiently. The contacts have a specific shape and design to withstand the heat and pressure generated by the arc.

Prioritize your effective solution with carefully designed arcing contacts for breakers and expertly manage electrical arcs during operation to optimize performance.

High quality arcing contacts are made from top-tier materials like copper-tungsten or silver-tungsten compounds, known for superior arc-extinguishing properties. Experience unparalleled performance that meets innovative technology, ensuring your circuit breakers’ efficiency and durability.


Arcing contacts for breakers are widely applied in various industries and end products. The components ensure the proper functioning and protection of electrical systems. They are ideally suited for usage in air circuit breakers, oil circuit breakers, Molded Circuit Breakers, and other electrical Protective Devices. Their presence is crucial to maintain safety, reliability, and efficiency systems in various applications.


Product Categories

  • Circuit Breakers

Properties/ Benefits

  • Enhanced Lifespan – withstand high temperatures and ensure significant extension in lifespan of switches and circuit breakers.
  • Reliability and Safety – high quality and high performance contacts contribute to fewer system failures and potential safety risks.
  • Cost Savings – extended lifespan and reduced need for replacements despite potential higher initial costs.
  • Customizable & Versatile – tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications, meeting specific requirements in various industries.
  • Sustainability – long lifespan products lead to less waste and reduced environmental impact

Industries/End Products

(Renewable) Power Generation

  • Circuit breakers protecting the electrical equipment and systems used in (renewable) power generation, including generators, transformers, switchgear, solar and wind farms

Power Transmission and Distribution

  • Circuit breakers for high voltage transmission and distribution systems safeguarding the electrical power lines, substations, and distribution networks that deliver electricity to homes, businesses, and industries

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Circuit breakers protecting electrical equipment, machinery, and control systems from overcurrents and short circuits, ensuring the safety and uninterrupted operation of manufacturing processes

Material Types

  • Ag Ni (10…40%)
  • Ag CdO (10…20%)
  • Ag SnO2 (8…14%)
  • Ag C
  • Ag W
  • Ag WC
  • Cu W

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