Silver Rivets & Buttons: Formed Parts

Looking out for exceptional conductivity and reliability for your electrical applications?

Then formed parts specifically designed for low voltage contacts might be the right solution! These parts utilize silver or silver alloys skillfully shaped and bent in a precision forming process to achieve intricate and customized contact configurations.

The forming process involves intricate tooling design and the use of specialized machinery. This ensures utmost accuracy, consistency, and repeatability in the production of your formed parts. By utilizing a combination of techniques such as punching, shaping, and stamping, you can choose from a wide variety of contact configurations. During this process, the expert team skillfully manipulate the silver or silver alloy material to achieve the desired shapes and dimensions.

By utilizing silver or silver alloys in your formed parts, high electrical conductivity is guaranteed, which is crucial for efficient power transmission and signal integrity in low voltage systems. Silver is renowned for its exceptional conductivity, second only to copper. This ensures minimal resistance-related losses and optimized power transfer in electrical connections.

Experience the benefits of exceptional conductivity, reliability, and customizability offered by our silver or silver alloy materials. Whether you need Rivets, bimetal rivets, buttons, clad strips, wires, simply define the solution to meet your specific requirements. Trust in decades of experience and expertise in the industry for your low voltage contact needs and achieve optimal performance in your electrical systems. With commitment to precision, customizability, and exceptional conductivity your formed parts will meet the demands of even the most critical electrical systems.



Formed parts find wide-ranging applications across diverse industries. From consumer electronics to automotive, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems, formed parts enable efficient power transmission, signal integrity, and control. This versatility makes them suitable for various electrical systems that require reliable and efficient low voltage connections


Product Categories

Rivets, bimetal rivets, buttons, clad strips, wires

Properties/ Benefits

  • Customizability
  • Conductivity
  • Versatility
  • Reliability & Safety

Industries/End Products

Consumer Electronics:

  • Switches, Circuit boards, connectors, Power and Signal Transmission

Automotive Industry

  • Sensors, Relays and Control Units

Industrial machinery

  • Circuit breakers, Connectors, and Control Panels

Renewable Energy System

Material Types

  • Ag
  • Ag Ni 0.15
  • Ag Cu (3…10%)
  • Ag Ni (10…40%)
  • Ag CdO (10…20%)
  • Ag SnO2 (8…14%)
  • Ag Pd (1…60%)
  • Ag C
  • Ag W
  • Ag WC
  • Cu W

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