Silver Electrical Contact Assemblies: Brazed, Welded and Riveted Parts

You would like to source an already assembled module for your connectivity application?

Ready-to-insert contact assemblies offer you to finetune the manufacturing of the whole module not only the contact itself with specialized expertise for contact manufacturing. Crafted with precision, these assemblies feature contacts that are carefully riveted, welded, or brazed onto carriers made from copper, copper-nickel, brass, steel, and bronze.

Through a accurate assembly process, contacts are securely fastened, employing techniques such as riveting, welding, and brazing, each suiting different requirements. An expert team skillfully performs these operations to achieve robust, reliable contact assemblies.

The carriers materials are chosen for their excellent conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing high performance and long service life in various operating conditions. In your design you can pick from a variety of materials including including copper, copper-nickel, brass, steel, and bronze.

Ready-to-insert contact assemblies are always tailor made, according to your drawing and design. With advanced assembly methods and fabrication capability they are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, delivering consistent quality the requirements. Profit from years of experience with the fabrication of  top-tier contact assemblies. With dedication to quality and adaptability, and excellent conductivity the result is suitable for even the most critical electrical systems.

Challenge Choksi Heraeus with your most demanding Contact Assembly requirements. Explore the range of ready-to-insert contact assemblies. Utilize the expertise in materials and manufacturing processes, to implement your unique ideas and demands and finetune your electrical system performance and reliability by using contact assemblies.


Contact assemblies are prominently utilized across a wide spectrum of industries, including  residential construction, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems. With the different certification we have we´re able to fulfill the requirements of these markets.


Product Categories:

  • Brazed, welded, riveted contacts

Properties/ Benefits

  • Efficient, ready-to-insert design
  • Versatility
  • Durability

Industries/End Products


  • Used in devices such as computers, mobile phones, and various other consumer electronics for various electric circuit applications


  • Critical in numerous automotive systems for precise electrical connections, including in control units and sensors

Industrial Machinery

  • Essential components in heavy machinery and industrial equipment that require high quality dependable electrical contacts


  • Integral to hardware like switchgear and signal transmission devices


  • Used in onboard electronic systems due to their reliability and precision

Material Types

Base alloys

  • Cu
  • CuNi
  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Bronze

Braze alloys

  • IS 299/BS 1845 with 2, 5, 43, 45, 50 & 60 % Ag


Contact materials

  • Ag
  • Ag Ni 0.15
  • Ag Cu (3…10%)
  • Ag Ni (10…40%)
  • Ag CdO (10…20%)
  • Ag SnO2 (8…14%)
  • Ag Pd (1…60%)
  • Ag C
  • Ag W
  • Ag WC
  • Cu W



Other combinations can be offered on request

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