Silver Electrical Contacts  – Wires, Strips & Tapes 

Sometimes, the contact solution must be integrated into your own manufacturing process. If this is case you need to source high performance material in the right configuration and properties for your design, a semi-finished contact material, such as wires, strips, and tapes. Choose from a wide array of metals, both precious and non-precious, to form the backbone of your electrical application, including MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) and low current switches.

Made of the best suited material for your application, wires serve as excellent conductors for the transfer of electrical current. They are carefully processed to ensure a combination of durability and high conductivity. Similarly, coils form the electromagnetic cores of various electrical systems — designed to specifically manage the direction and flow of electrical currents.

The manufacturing of clad strips provides flexibility to meet diverse needs within electrical circuits. These strips often function as connectors or conductors in electrical equipment. Lastly, tapes are used for welded contact tips.

Used as fuse elements, semi-finished contact materials operate as a safety mechanism against overcurrent and short-circuit situations. They effectively interrupt the current flow when necessary, thereby shielding other components from potential damage. This critical function is held as a priority in the production process and spotlights the importance of having reliable and high-quality semi-finished materials.

High-quality semi-finished contact materials contribute to the efficient and safe operation of MCBs, low current switches, and various other electrical applications. Our commitment to quality and precision results in products that are reliable and efficient, underscoring our position as a reputable supplier in the field.


Semi-finished contact materials have a broad range of applications due to their versatility and favorable characteristics. Essential in the construction of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), they play a crucial role in protecting electrical circuits from damage caused by overcurrent or short circuits. These materials also comprise integral components of low current switches, helping control circuits for lighting, motor, or heating systems. Moreover, they’re a fundamental part of fuse elements, safeguarding against overcurrent in electrical circuits by melting under high current conditions and thereby disconnecting the faulty section.


Product Categories:

  • Wires, throughlay strips, inlay strips ,edge lay strip, and  tapes

Properties/ Benefits

  • Reduced waste in valuable precious metals
  • Tailored to automated high speed processes
  • Great for stamping and in die welding

Industries/End Products

Electrical & Electronics Industry

  • Integral to a variety of end products such as home appliances, lighting devices, consumer electronics, and power distribution equipment.


  • Numerous automotive components including sensors, control devices, electric motors, and infotainment systems


  • Connectors and switching equipment that require high reliability and long-life cycles

Industrial Controls

  • In control equipment such as sensors, breakers, contactors and switches where precision and durability are vital

Material Types

Base Metal Alloys

  • Cu
  • Brass
  • Fe
  • CuNi alloys

Contact materials

  • Ag
  • AgCu
  • AgNi
  • AgCdO

Other combinations can be offered on request

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