Are you looking for a quality-driven customer-focused silver contact supplier with years of experience and a superb on-time delivery record?

With over 70 years of experience in the precious metals business Choksi Heraeus is a reliable partner, delivering consistently high-quality products designed to meet your specifications, drawings, and special requirements.

The experienced and skilled Choksi Heraeus team is committed to ‘go the extra mile’ to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction by providing exactly the quality that you need.

Besides offering many grades of standard materials the engineering experts of Choksi Heraeus work out customizable solutions to your toughest contact requirements. Proven repeatable processes with state of the art technology and automated equipment allow for consistent products regardless of the ordered quantity. If needed Choksi Heraeus will invest in additional high-end machinery tailored to your production requirements.

Why should you choose Choksi Heraeus? Choksi Heraeus combines the best of both worlds: The Heraeus’ precious metal expertise and technology know-how from Germany with Choksi’s speed and flexibility in India by using cutting-edge technology.