SEMIS – Stamped Parts

You need a stamped part but want to integrate the finishing steps in your own manufacturing process?

Then semi-finished stamped parts a the right solution for you. Select from various sizes and shapes tailored to fit a wide range of applications. These components are typically produced by precision stamping meticulously from precious metal clad strips. Although semi-finished in the sense of suitable for further adaptation in your manufacturing, the silver contact materials are fully finished and ready to use. You can select from stamped parts with stacked contact rivets or welded contact tips according to your needs.

In high-demand, high-conductivity roles where resistance to corrosion, heat, and other challenging conditions is required, precious metal materials are the best suitable solution.

While meeting this demand for quality, there is also a need for cost-efficient contact solutions. Hence, to ensure a mindful resource utilization, an integrated refining plant makes sure that the precious metal is used in the most possible effective way. The plant is dedicated to recycle stamped materials, more particularly the generated stamping scraps. This eco-friendly approach supports preserving valuable resources, while also leading to noteworthy cost savings for customers and the environment.

Trust the experts to find an optimal solution by focusing on quality, cost-efficiency and  sustainability.


Our stamped parts are produced from precious metal clad strips and are commonly used in applications where high conductivity, durability, and resistance to corrosion and heat are paramount.


Product Categories:

  • Stamped parts from clad strips, welded & riveted contacts, profiles

Properties/ Benefits

  • Efficiency and Precision
  • Cost-Effective
  • Flexibility
  • Durable
  • Sustainable

Industries/End Products

Electrical Applications

  • Micro switches, relays, circuit breakers, connectors, which require precisely shaped and high-performance contact parts


  • Various car parts such as traction control switches, mirror controls, airbag deployment systems, etc., where reliability under harsh conditions is necessary


  • Connectors and switching equipment that require high reliability and long-life cycles

Industrial Controls

  • In control equipment such as sensors, breakers, and switches where precision and durability are vital

Material Types

Base metal alloys

  • Cu
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • CuNi

Contact materials

  • Ag 999
  • AgNi
  • AgCdO
  • AgSnO2

Other combinations can be offered on request

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