Silver electrical contacts  – Wires, Strips & Tapes SEMIS

Semi-finished silver contacts consist of various elements such as stamped parts, wires, strips, and tapes. These components are essential in a wide range of applications, specifically in industries such as electrical, automotive, and electronics, due to their unique properties.

The production process of semifinished silver contact material includes several stages such as casting, stamping, and drawing, which are essential in shaping and customizing the components according to their intended functions.

Stringent quality control measures are essential in this industry to ensure the products meet the required industry standards. Each semi-silver part must offer optimum durability, conductivity, and corrosion resistance. These measures are critical in maintaining consistent product quality across all manufactured items.

Choksi Heraeus offers customized solutions in the field of contact materials, providing a variety of silver and silver alloy based semi-finished products tailored to your specific needs and applications.

Wires,Strips & Tapes

Wires, strips, and tapes represent raw forms of materials that offer more flexibility in their application. They can be adjusted, cut, bent or otherwise manipulated to fit a wide variety of your purposes. The main difference is between prefabricated specificity (stamped parts) and adaptable flexibility (wires, strips, and tapes).


Stamped parts derived from precious metal clad strips serve a significant role in high-performance applications such as electrical switches, automotive electronics, and even industrial controls. They exhibit enhanced performance levels that are integral to efficient functioning within these sectors. Similarly, wires, strips, and tapes find their crucial place in Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), low current switches, and fuse elements. Their inclusion ensures safe, reliable, and effective electrical operations across a diverse range of industrial sectors.


Wires, Strips & Tapes

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